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We spend a lot of time spreading the message that there are a wide range of jobs you can do with languages – anything from a football analyst to a games tester – and that linguists don’t have to choose either teaching or translation as a career path. However should you want a career in interpretation, it’s a great place to be.

I recently found an article about the interpretation industry which I thought was really interesting. Here are some key facts it points out about the industry:

  • Under the Human Rights Act of 1998, law courts now have an obligation to provide interpreters for people involved in a case who cannot understand or speak the language being used.
  • In the UK, Her Majesty’s Courts Service pays interpreters a minimum of £85 a day, rising to at least £110 a day for weekends or public holidays. An interpreter can charge more if the language they speak is less common.
  • For simultaneous interpreting – where the interpreter translates the words as the speaker is talking – it can rise to as much as £550.
  • The NHS also has obligations to offer equal access to healthcare for non-English speakers under legislation including the European Race Directive and the Human Rights Act, allowing translators to save lives.
  • The languages currently most in demand are Urdu, spoken by people from Pakistan, Pashtu (Afghanistan), Punjabi (India), French and Polish.

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