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The National Centre for Languages in association with the Department for Children, Schools and Families launched the ‘Try Life in Another Language’ campaign. The campaign is designed to get as many kids learning a second language at school so that they are better placed to get a job when they reach the beginning of their careers.

The campaign was launched following a survey of 500 employers which found that other than I.T, the most important skill for jobseekers was to have a second language on their CV and this really set them aside from other candidates and furthermore, salaries for people with another language was higher.

As we all know, the job market was greatly affected by the recession so this got me thinking about language skills and the recession – were those candidates that did not have a second language simply unemployable? Of course not – but clearly those that did were at an advantage and having a second language can help candidates get a foot in the door at a time when competition for jobs is particularly high.

We recently blogged about a petition which calls for the Prime Minister to reinstate the compulsory teaching of modern foreign languages up to the age of 16 – we hope you all signed this petition and fingers crossed we will soon know that all kids at age 16 will have some grasp of a foreign language and, if they choose to pursue this – a good chance at getting the job they want!

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