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We’ve got some exciting news we thought would be nice to share with our readers.  We have secured a contract with the LEGO Company to provide them with staff for their European Contact Centre. The LEGO Company is looking for approximately 50 staff to work during their high season.

We will be providing the LEGO Company with Customer Service staff to work in their Customer Service centre in Slough which will deal with customers across the whole of Europe. So that means we are looking for candidates that speak a variety of languages including German, Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. 

This is great news for us and we are excited to be working with the LEGO Company to help them deliver an excellent level of service across Europe.  If you are interested in one of these positions and have the necessary skills or know of someone who you think fits the bill then be sure to get in touch with Sarah Oades at s.oades@eurolondon.com – and don’t waste any time – we are looking for candidates who can start in the Autumn!

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We like healthy banter and that’s exactly what we have in our offices at the moment. With the World Cup well under way the competition is not just on the pitch but in our offices as our employees from all over the world cheer on their respective teams!

In our London office, staff are supporting no less than six World Cup teams: England (of course) but also Japan, Holland, Germany, Italy and France. As a multilingual recruiter we ensure all our employees speak more than one language enabling them to test the skills of candidates and recruit the best talent for clients – no surprise then that we have supporters from a large proportion of World Cup teams.

So along with the media hype surrounding the World Cup we are hearing about it on a daily basis and it has created healthy competition amongst our consultants. Who are you and your company supporting – can you beat our London office with six teams?

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We recently carried out a survey where we phoned up 116 companies in the UK, France and Germany to see how well their front line staff would cope when confronted with questions in a foreign language. The question? What their postal address was. You may have read about this is various publications over the last week. If not then  here is what happened.

When we phoned companies in the UK  the results were shocking – only 4 companies were able to answer straight away in the caller’s langauge, 12 put the caller on hold and found someone who did speak the language and shockingly 17 companies simply hung up!  Of those that stayed on the line comments included “we only speak English here!”, “oh for gods sake!” and “if you can’t speak English I just can’t help you!”.  (more…)

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We are pleased to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary here at Euro London appointments – doesn’t time fly?! There have been a lot of changes in the recruitment sector over the past two decades and we have witnessed them all – both the ups and the downs.

We came across a video recently that we recorded back in 1999 when we were approaching our 10th Anniversary and a lot has happened since then – we have expanded throughout Europe and I certainly now look somewhat older (but wiser)! It’s also amazing how much we have moved on in terms of video production and digital media – the video may only be 11 years old but it still made a few of us chuckle – and who knew 11 years ago that this video would end up on YouTube and our blog?! (more…)

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There are currently over 7000 languages spoken in the world but if we are to believe recent findings by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) by the end of this century half of these languages will have vanished entirely.

“Approximately half of the world’s languages are considered to be endangered. And we may be losing a language as often as every two weeks” commented Profession David Harrison.  These are quite shocking statistics and according to Harrison, the reason these languages may soon vanish is because “speakers are pressured to assimilate to a more dominate culture” – in other words individuals are made to believe that their mother tongue is not desirable and other languages are better. (more…)

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The BBC covered a story a few months ago about some bemused motorists that were confronted with a ticket machine with instructions in German!  Users of the Birmingham multi storey car park were surprised to find that when the car park was full the machine suddenly switched to giving German instructions! Not very useful if you don’t speak German!

“Maybe the machine got confused” was the response of Birmingham City Council when asked why this was happening. They also described the error as a result of a change in software and motorists were assured that the problem would be fixed and there were staff on hand to help translate if people needed it.

An interesting story and maybe not the most common reason to learn a language but it really does show that having language skills does come in handy – even in situations like car parking!

Have you encountered any problems like this? If so we’d love to hear about them!

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