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London calling

There are a lot of reasons to visit the UK approaching – the Royal wedding and the Olympics to name a couple. But what about getting a job?

We have a lot of international candidates applying for jobs in the UK, but we have found that in order to beat off the competition for jobs, moving to the UK first is highly beneficial.

For graduate or junior to mid level positions, employers are receiving a high number of applications. How do they choose a shortlist? They look at experience and skills but also location. A candidate applying from Spain could have great skills but if the employer has a CV of someone with the same skills that is applying from the local area, they are more likely to get an interview. The truth is that businesses want someone to start as soon as possible and if a candidate has to arrange travel for an interview and then has to relocate for the job, the employer may not be willing to wait that long.

Our advice? Come join us in the UK and then start applying! Living here will mean you’ll be able to attend interviews at short-notice, putting you ahead of the competition living overseas. Getting a part-time job in the UK and living with English speaking people will also enable you to improve your English skills if it’s not your native language, again making you a more attractive potential employee. If you need some advice on where to start, check out the relocation guide on our website. Good luck!

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We’re only just getting over the tragic demise of Paul the Octopus, the famous eight-legged German who correctly predicted the World Cup results last summer.

But it seems a new psychic has taken his place.  Her critics have called her a ‘dumb blonde’ and a ‘bit of fluff’ – but that’s only because she’s a cross-eyed possum!

She may be shallow and celebrity obsessed, but that’s exactly why she was picked to tip the winners of this year’s Oscars!

Heidi the possum, resident of Leipzig Zoo and Germany’s latest phenomenon will appear on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show on America’s ABC and will choose her predictions from each category in the awards on the 27th of February.

She will feature on the show live from the German zoo and all profits will go towards animal projects, as well as ABC planning to make a donation to the zoo.

We don’t yet know how Heidi will pick her winners, although speculation is that food will be involved, much like her clairvoyant predecessor, Paul the Octopus.

The furry critter has around 300,000 Facebook fans, making her as popular as some celebrities! The world will have to wait with bated breath to see if her predictions are correct!

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Beards for Belgium

It’s not the first time a celebrity has got involved with politics – we’ve had Arnold Schwarzenegger in California and Wyclef Jean in Haiti. But this time, there’s a bit of a twist involved.

Belgian actor Benoit Poelvoorde is urging his fellow countrymen to grow beards until Belgium forms a government. A caretaker government has been running the country since June 2010, which sets a post-war record for a period without government.

Although I’m not sure how many Belgians will put down their razors as a way of supporting the cause, it is positive to see that a prominent figure is using their fame to try and help their country. Hopefully his plea will raise awareness and go some way to encouraging Belgium’s political parties to move forward. Would you grow a beard for your country?

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Battle of the booze

Next time you have an occasion to celebrate, will you be popping some champagne? Well, maybe not. Wine experts say that for the first time, Italian sparkling wine is outselling its French rival, with the British equivalent not too far behind.

As of New Year’s Eve it was estimated that Italian bubby outsold champagne by 10 million bottles, after a bad harvest in France and with champagne being substantially more expensive than its international counterparts – usually at least double the price.

So do we have a battle on our hands? Who will have the biggest selling bubbly of 2011? When you’re celebrating that promotion or engagement, what will be your drink of choice? I’m not sure that champagne will be toppled from its throne that easily, but Italian and British wines certainly do provide a cheap and cheerful alternative. Who is your money on?

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