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There’s no doubt about it – learning another language is no easy feat. Most of us will recall French textbooks and trying to remember those irregular verbs at school. But should you want to learn a new language from scratch or brush up on your existing skills, the power of the internet brings us a website called Babbel, which can help you do just that.

Registration is free and users can learn English, French, German, Italian or Spanish, through vocabulary and writing exercises, with the site in their native language. As well as this, you have access to the over 420,000 other users of the site, to chat to, receive help from and also offer advice to.

A language learning community seems like a great idea, and a cheap, easy and fun way to improve language skills. So if you fancy getting another language under your belt to put on your CV, why not take a look? I’m going to give Italian a go…

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