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Our Japanese desk took some clients to the recent Hyper Japan event – and what a successful day it turned out to be. It was the first time the event was put on so we had no idea what to expect but had done our research and looked forward to seeing and hearing all about Japanese culture – we weren’t disappointed!

We had a great time! We got to sample some great Japanese food – octopus ball and one of my favourites, sushi; we were even shown how to make it by a top sushi chef!  We listened to some great music and our clients seemed to enjoy it as much as we did! So why did we go to the event and why was it being held? (more…)


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You may have read in the news recently that we have seen a sharp rise in the number of Japanese speaking roles in the financial services sector. We have found that the roles we recruit for in this sector are largely determined by the stability of the market, to see so many coming our way is a clear indication that the recovery is in full swing. We are also hearing from our Japanese clients that the strength of the Yen is encouraging more companies to invest in Europe.

However it is apparent that Japanese companies are not just looking for employees that can speak the language; equally as important is the ability to understand the culture and the way business operates. Candidates are now required to understand the pace of business in Japan and also how to interact with people. In fact there is a well known story of a multi million pound business deal in which an American supplier did not present business cards to Japanese managers in the correct manner, and toyed with them throughout the meeting. A major sign of disrespect in Japanese business culture, the deal fell through!

 It is important therefore for applicants to understand a country’s culture– just speaking a language will not always get you the job.

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We are always interested in hearing feedback from our new starters about their first few weeks at Euro London. Here are profiles of a couple of our new consultants and don’t forget  if you like the sound of life at Euro London, we are still looking for extra members of the team so get in touch with Dawn on d.nell@eurolondon.com or visit our Facebook page to learn more!

Laura Heaney works in our Manchester office:

How did you hear of ELA?It was a personal recommendation from a friend who had temped through ELA.

First impressions of ELA?I went to Salford University Career fair and that was really good for me as a newbie to get out and talk to candidates and some potential clients. Almost every candidate that came to speak to me wanted translation and then I spoke about what other opportunities are out there and people were amazed to find so many different career paths that would involve languages. I am also running the Race for Life in July with some colleagues which will be a nice team outing and for a good cause.

Tell us something about your home town? I come from a small town called Wilmslow in Cheshire where lots of WAGS live! (more…)

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We like healthy banter and that’s exactly what we have in our offices at the moment. With the World Cup well under way the competition is not just on the pitch but in our offices as our employees from all over the world cheer on their respective teams!

In our London office, staff are supporting no less than six World Cup teams: England (of course) but also Japan, Holland, Germany, Italy and France. As a multilingual recruiter we ensure all our employees speak more than one language enabling them to test the skills of candidates and recruit the best talent for clients – no surprise then that we have supporters from a large proportion of World Cup teams.

So along with the media hype surrounding the World Cup we are hearing about it on a daily basis and it has created healthy competition amongst our consultants. Who are you and your company supporting – can you beat our London office with six teams?

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We were featured in CITY A.M today giving our top tips for interview techniques now that hiring is on the up. We know how important it is to succeed at interview so if you want some good advice take a look at our article and find out more!

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I recently came across a funny video that someone had posted on Twitter about bad things said at job interviews. It certainly amused me and put a smile on my face at the end of what was a busy day.

Here at Euro London we spend a lot of time with our candidates going through possible interview questions and provide them with an interview guide so they are as ready as they can be when they come to the actual interview.  This puts them in a good position for their interview – which – as we all know can be pretty daunting.  Here are our top tips for success at an interview:

  • First Impressions Count – Dress professionally even if you know the company has a casual dress code. After all it is better to be too smart than too causal!
  • Time Keeping – Never arrive at an interview late, it is advisable to enter the building about 10 minutes before the interview.
  • Research – Ensure you know as much about the company as possible – it is inevitable that you will be asked. The more you know the better your chance of success.
  • Show Enthusiasm – ensure you smile and make plenty of eye contact with your interviewer and always speak clearly and in a confident voice, no matter how nervous you may be.
  • Body language – Sit up straight, avoid slouching and try not to fidget too much – this will make you appear nervous and distract the interviewer from what you are actually saying.
  • Listen – This is often forgotten as candidates are too worried about selling themselves. Make sure you listen carefully to the questions asked and don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat the question.
  • Ask Questions – many candidates fail to ask questions and miss the opportunity to find out valuable information about the company. Prepare some questions in advance – the questions you ask indicate your interest in the company or job.

I hope these tips are useful and although they may seem obvious it is surprising how many candidates don’t get the basics right!

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It seems that even in a recession, some companies are struggling to attract and retain talent – but not for the reasons you may think.

It makes sense that clients have become fussier in this tough economic climate (which reports suggest that we’re moving out of now – let’s hope they’re right.) With so many more candidates on the market, clients now have the upper hand and they want as much value as they can get. Whilst recruiting for trading / broking houses over the last few months, I’ve seen a growing trend for clients asking not just for professional and experienced candidates, but ones with their own transferable client lists. Because that way the candidate can hit the ground running and start generating revenue as soon as possible, can’t they?

Well, it’s not proving to be that straightforward. The problem seems to be that many agency brokers don’t have an in-house research department – a service that will look at market trends, what people are investing in, market prices and publishing research and advice on issues in this area. But many companies want just that – an agency that offers a full brokerage service. I recently had one candidate who was offered a job in this area and had their own client list that they could use in their new position. After talking to their clients about the new company, many were not happy that they wouldn’t be working with a company with its own in-house research department that could offer the fully incorporated package. Although the candidate ticked all the right boxes for the job, their new employer didn’t meet the criteria required by the candidate’s clients. Despite being offered above average commission and bonuses, the candidate ended up declining the position.

Organisations may think that financial rewards are enough to retain talent in a recession but it seems that this remains a secondary concern. The bottom line is without the best service offering, companies are losing out on the best talent – and with talk about the upturn increasing, this is something that they cannot afford to do.

 Entry by Maurice Christie of the Euro London banking and finance team

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