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Mobile phones have been an indispensable technology for us for so long now that I can’t even remember how long it’s been – but I know it’s at least ten years. Phones have evolved so much that they are no longer phones, but devices that you can use for listening to music, taking photos, browsing the internet and maybe the odd phone call or text message. So all this considered, it’s quite shocking to hear that until now, there hasn’t been a mobile phone for Welsh speakers!

Both a phone with Welsh menus and predictive text and also an iPhone application for those wanting to learn Welsh have been unveiled at the National Eisteddfod festival to celebrate Welsh culture.

The Samsung S5600 will have over 44,000 Welsh words and be available on the Orange network. The iPhone application was developed with the help of the head of Computer Science at Aberystwyth University Professor Chris Price, who is also a Welsh learner. He said “There are many apps for learning other languages available to iPhone users, amongst them 27 for French, 23 for Italian and even ones for Irish, and Tagalog, which is spoken in the Philippines. I felt it was high time that help of this kind was made available for those learning Welsh.”

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