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We often hear about glass ceilings for women but a recent government report has concluded that top professions have become increasingly exclusive, making it harder for individuals from poorer backgrounds to break into careers in law, medicine and accountancy. In many occupations it has also become harder to ‘work your way up’.

Barriers cited include internships, with former Health Secretary Alan Milburn saying that securing one often relies on knowing the right people. He is calling for career advice to start much earlier – in primary school – and more action by schools, parents and companies. He said: “There is a chasm between where we are and where we need to be if Britain is to realise the social and economic benefits of huge potential growth in professional employment. We need a new recognition: that a closed-shop mentality in our country means that too many people from middle-income as well as low-income families encounter doors that are shut to their talents.”

 It’s an interesting argument – as recruiters we know that there is a lot of legislation surrounding equality and a lot of work that goes towards providing opportunities for a wide range of people. But on the other hand, without a good education and the necessary support and encouragement, many people will not be able to maximise on their potential talent and grab these offers. What do you think – are there closed doors? And what can businesses do to help this situation?


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