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Towards the end of 2009 Euro London was busy putting together its biannual ‘European Hiring Trends Report’ – a survey of employment markets across the areas we operate in (London, Windsor and Manchester in the UK and Paris, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Luxembourg and Zurich across mainland Europe.)

The results? Overall the message was positive – conditions are improving slowly but surely and the jobs market looks set to improve throughout 2010.

Here’s a summary of what we found in the UK:

  • French and German remain the most popular languages, although there has also been a strong demand for Dutch and Scandinavian languages
  • Most sectors improving slowly
  • Demand has grown for sales and marketing professionals, especially in the digital marketing arena and inbanking and finance
  • iGaming and betting remains buoyant
  • Continued lack of high quality candidates but bigger pool of talent has led to employers being less flexible
  • Increased confidence about the year ahead

Elsewhere, Germany has been experiencing stronger growth, especially in IT. Along with France it has also seen a boost in sales and marketing, and accountancy remains quite strong. Most countries also found that the decision making process was a long one when it came to hiring new staff, often leading to businesses losing out on the best candidates.

The full report contains details of recruitment trends in each region – for your free copy just click here: http://bit.ly/85FRbI.


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Could businesses take a leaf out of this school’s book? Newbury Park primary school in North East London teaches pupils who speak between 30 and 40 languages, but instead of seeing this as a hindrance, the school has embraced it. Pupils learn a different “language of the month” which is spoken by a child at the school every month, with video clips of the pupils teaching their classmates words from their native language.

Already having covered about 50 languages, from French to Swahili, the scheme has been really popular, with pupils keen to promote their own languages. The teacher who came up with the scheme said, “It started simply as a common courtesy, but as we went on we found that children who have their language valued are more open then to learning English than if we just let them hide their language away.”

Could we learn something from this scheme? If nothing else, it would be a great programme for other schools to replicate – learning small snippets of another language from such a young age can really help with language learning, and boost children’s interest in it.

But what about businesses? If you find yourself dealing with an international client, why not make an effort to learn some of the language? Whether this is in the form of a language course, or just spending a few minutes figuring out how to say hello, it could make a big difference. Teacher Joe Debono adds “If you want to get to know a person you want to get to know a little about their language. It’s only polite…A child’s language is a big part of their identity. It comes after their name and family.” This doesn’t just apply to children – this bit of knowledge may just make a big difference to business success.

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BodyIm_247567tDo you think languages are given enough reward in the workplace? It seems that the majority of linguists don’t. 65% of multi lingual job seekers surveyed by the Language Careers Fair said that they didn’t think that this ability was given enough reward and recognition in the business world. Another 80% were considering going abroad to use their language skills. Languages are a vital skill that any team needs today. Yes, times are hard, but hopefully as conditions improve, companies will give this issue some serious consideration.

The Language Career Fair, sponored by multilingualvacancies.com, will take place within the Language Show – the UK’s biggest event for everyone who loves or works within languages. The Language Show will run from 30th October to 1st November at London’s Olympia.

Are you job hunting? Euro London will be hosting a stand at the Language Careers Fair, so if you’re interested in what opportunities are out there, come and talk to us. But register first so you can get entry absolutely free. As well as the Careers Fair, the Language Show will be hosting demonstrations, performances, seminars and language taster sessions.

Hope to see you there!

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Crisis Run

It’s June again, which means sunshine, Father’s Day – and the Crisis run. After taking part for several years now, 2009 was going to be no exception, and on 4th June fifteen members of Euro London’s City and West End teams grabbed their trainers and headed to Paternoster Square. The three and a half mile run around the City takes place every year to raise money for the homeless charity and it was a great evening. Our fastest runner completed the run in just over 41 minutes and it was a fantastic way for us to give something back, which is all the more important in these difficult times. We set a fundraising benchmark of £50 per person but actually managed to raise over £1292 which will hopefully make a real difference to the charity and its work. Well done team!

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