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2009 – it has been a tough year for the majority of us recruiters. And when times get tough, business development becomes a priority. Where can we get new business? What other markets can we tap into? Over the past year it seems that a lot of recruiters have been asking themselves these questions and coming up with the answer – languages.

Over the past year we’ve seen a lot of generalist agencies set up language divisions in the hope of getting some new business in what has been a long and difficult recession. Too many consultancies are jumping on the bandwagon and professing to recruit linguists when in fact they don’t have the expertise to do this.

At Euro London, we specialise in languages because that’s what we’re good at. All of our consultants are fluent in at least two languages, which range from Japanese to French, to Italian, to Polish. They have also spent time living in the countries where those languages are spoken. But why does this matter? It means that whatever the role and whatever the language, we can source the ideal candidate – and we have the resources to test their language ability. Not only that, but our consultants have the cultural knowledge, allowing us to understand our clients and our candidates. How else would we have advised our client about IT qualifications in France? Or educate our candidates about working in the UK?

We have definitely entered the age of the specialist. At the moment when time to hire has reached several months, it’s crucial that organisations are hiring the right people with the right skills. And the only way to make sure you’ve got them is to use a specialist agency that has the facilities, the expertise and the experience to do this.


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I’d like to think that things are looking up but just when you think there is some light at the end of the tunnel, a piece of news hits you between the eyes and tells you the opposite.  This week it was from Recruiter Magazine telling us that things were tough for recruitment consultancies. The article cited research from the REC which revealed that 42% of consultancies have made redundancies and that 39% had recruitment freezes. And even more telling – that 38% of recruiters feel insecure in their jobs.

The really good news is that in some ways that article excited me – because we are in the top 19% who are definitely not in any of those categories –  and we are hiring! So if you are insecure, redundant or just want to find out more about a career with an international recruitment consultancy then why not check out our career pages on our website?

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The credit crunch has caused a wide range of problems – but some are more obscure than others. A graduate from Monroe College in New York is suing the University, because like many graduates and experienced professionals worldwide, she hasn’t been able to find a job in the four months since finishing her degree.

Trina Thompson said that the University’s careers service had promised contacts and advice for job hunting but not provided them. She’s therefore asking for her tuition fees to be re-paid – all $70,000 of them.

This got us thinking – could we see similar lawsuits against recruiters?! Hopefully not – recruiting professionals will always be able to find positions for candidates, even during the tough times. It’s just a bit harder. But whether we can help or not, customer care should remain at a high level. If you’re looking for a job with languages, take a look at our latest positions here.

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