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We often forget that although the UK is one nation, we don’t all speak the same language. Much of Wales speaks Welsh, and now there is a push for more acknowledgement of Scottish. A Scottish Nationalist politician has written to supermarkets requesting that they change their packaging so that the fruit and veg are given their Scottish names. Bill Wilson says, “I can’t see why they shouldn’t use Scots words. For example, nobody uses the word ‘blackberry’ in Scotland; they’re always referred to as brambles. The stores are very keen to say that they use Scots goods. Why don’t they use Scots words as well?” However according to the Scotsman, critics have said he is wasting the supermarkets’ time during a recession and he hasn’t got very far in his quest, with the main stores telling him that a change would lead to confusion amongst shoppers. Language is a part of a culture and identity and therefore it is important – but isn’t this more a case of regional words and slang as opposed to a different language? London stores don’t have cockney rhyming slang on their packaging. Or is it important to relate to your customers in this way? It seems that there are some very different views – let us know your thoughts!


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