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With A Level results recently published there have been plenty of stories in the news about the lack of university places for some students and the increase in the number of students bypassing further education and opting to go straight into work. This got me thinking about some figures recently published about languages.

According to the National Centre for Languages (CILT) recent figures show that there has been a 3.7% fall in the number of students sitting A-levels in modern languages.  Whilst there may have been an increase in those sitting the Spanish exam, those taking German and French both decreased which seems to have become a recurring theme over the years. But why is this the case? (more…)

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We are always interested in hearing feedback from our new starters about their first few weeks at Euro London. Here are profiles of a couple of our new consultants and don’t forget  if you like the sound of life at Euro London, we are still looking for extra members of the team so get in touch with Dawn on d.nell@eurolondon.com or visit our Facebook page to learn more!

Laura Heaney works in our Manchester office:

How did you hear of ELA?It was a personal recommendation from a friend who had temped through ELA.

First impressions of ELA?I went to Salford University Career fair and that was really good for me as a newbie to get out and talk to candidates and some potential clients. Almost every candidate that came to speak to me wanted translation and then I spoke about what other opportunities are out there and people were amazed to find so many different career paths that would involve languages. I am also running the Race for Life in July with some colleagues which will be a nice team outing and for a good cause.

Tell us something about your home town? I come from a small town called Wilmslow in Cheshire where lots of WAGS live! (more…)

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