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Last week we celebrated Christmas, now it’s time to conclude the festive season! After eating all the food, opening all the presents and drinking all the champagne, it’s now time to welcome the New Year!

So let’s celebrate what we’ve accomplished and plan for what we want to achieve. The New Year is synonymous with doing something new. Resolutions; be it joining the gym, giving up a bad habit or taking up something new, are made around the world.

What do you want to achieve? Perhaps one of the options above, perhaps you’d like to shed a few kilos or perhaps you’d like to start a new job or career path and if you do, we’re here for you.

Wherever you are in the world on New Years Eve, have fun celebrating the start of the 2012!

These are some spectacular scenes from around the world last New Year! Where is the best place you have spent new years?


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It’s that time of year again!

The time of year when you wake up hoping today’s the day, the time of the year that it’s socially acceptable to wear the jumper your auntie got you four years ago, the time of year when the airwaves are filled with those songs that get everyone singing along and evoke the memories of your childhood.

That’s right, as the great Noddy Holder would say; “It’s Christmas!”

So hang up your stockings, write your Christmas cards and enjoy the Christmas markets. The last two months of planning and preparations have come together for this day! This one day; where the family get together, Christmas crackers are pulled and the Christmas dinner is carved. So enjoy it! For this day comes but once a year. So from Euro London Appointments Joyeux Noel, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

We’ll be asking what your new year’s resolutions are going to be next week. So put your thinking camps on and ponder what you’re going to change next year! Whether it’s losing a few kilos or finding a new job we want to know what you’re going to do differently.

Merry Christmas!

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If you look back at the last few years, there has been a growing buzzword used by businesses, organisations and individuals situated all over the world. This word is Social Media! The amalgamation of two very different words, social media was born out of the World Wide Web.

It has the ability to report the news to you, live and uncensored, the ability to bring down governments and the ability to get you a job!

In a recent survey of employers, 90% would check a social media network before or during a candidate’s interview process. These include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so if you’re on any of these networks, which statistically you probably will be; you’ve been warned!

Tweets on Twitter, Photos uploaded on Facebook and updates posted on LinkedIn may not be as private as you think and could unfortunately damage your job hunting opportunities and career prospects.

However, if you manage your social media networks right, far from being damaging, they can enhance your job hunting opportunities and it’s not as if it’s hard to do, you do it on a daily basis after all.

Check your privacy settings and what groups or pages you may like! More often than not you may have set your photos to private, but not any groups you may be a part of and these can show up on your flashcard page. If you don’t want recruiters/employers to see this, either leave the group or look to change your privacy settings.

Be careful what you say and to whom, Twitter is a prime suspect for this point. Twitter can turn from a friendly micro-blogging device into a disaster for your career opportunities very quickly, with one rash tweet.

Apart from taking care of your social media in a reactive role, you can also take a proactive position! Joining professional networks to interact with possible contacts, making sure you keep up to date with latest industry news and developments within your field can really show your commitment to any potential employer to your ambition and commitment to any career.

Social media is the new kid on the block and it’s got lots of friends in high places, be aware that recruiters no longer rely on just the interview to hire someone anymore.

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Whether you are going to an interview or starting your first day at work, it’s important to make a great first impression! Of course, you’ve heard it all before, but how can you be sure your first impression is a positive one? Studies show that a lasting impression will be formed of you within 30 seconds to ten minutes of meeting you, and this impression will last!

So what are the tricks, tips and all the good bits that can be shown off about your personality in these ten minuets to make a great lasting first impression?

Firstly let’s get rid of the clichés in this scenario! The strong handshake and not arriving late are the bear basics of the first impression and hopefully you know them already!

Your body language is the most important part to the art of a good impression! Studies show that 70 % of what you say is conveyed by your body language and a further 10% by the tone of your voice. This means that 80% of what you’re actually saying isn’t the words you are speaking at all. Standing tall, not slouching and making good eye contact is a great place to start when meeting someone new, as this will convey confidence and ability. If you are sitting down, don’t fold your arms or create what is called a unconscious barrier to you. Sit with your hands out and have an open, welcoming posture; smile and listen – we were given one mouth and two ears for a reason! This will lead you onto the second part to help develop a great first impression.

Making good conversation! You may have already accounted for 80% of a conversation, but you’ve still got 20% to fill. This is a virtuous circle, the more conversation you make, the better you get at it and the more you will converse, so everyone is a winner, but remember that there’s a difference between good conversation and small talk! It’s very easy to spot small talk, it’s irrelevant and forgettable, an engaging conversation will leave a positive lasting impression.

Whether it’s a job you are going for or your first day; Research the company! Know what they do, how big they are, where they have offices etc, you don’t want to be left looking dumbfounded if someone asks you a question about the company. It takes 10 minutes to look into a company’s profile and shows that you are committed to the company from an early stage.

No matter how advanced our technology may be getting, it will always be important to make a personable good first impression! So make sure you’re prepared for your first interview and your first day.

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