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Twitter has become huge over the last year, with celebrities, businesses and lots of other people using it as a way to share what they’re doing and what is happening in the world. (Follow Euro London here!) It has become so popular that it has even influenced the law and advertising in one of the UK’s biggest newspapers – and that’s just this month!

The latest news in the world of Twitter is the story of Twitter gags – not social media jokes – but gagging clauses. Hollywood execs have realised the power of Twitter and Facebook, and introduced clauses to the contracts of its people to ban them from leaking film secrets through their tweets.

According to the Press Association, the contracts for the next instalment of Shrek “caution writers not to jump the gun on studio press releases via ‘a social networking site, blog or other internet-type site’” and a recent contract from Disney had a similar clause, forbidding breaches of confidentiality through the use of “interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other interactive social network or personal blog”.

This got me thinking – could Twitter clauses spread to the business world? There have been plenty of stories about disgruntled employees making damaging remarks about their employers over the internet but I’m sure they’d think twice if they knew they could be held liable. As far as the recruitment industry is concerned, consultants could be giving away company secrets and contacts to competitors by sharing too much information with their networks or make comments that reflect badly on their company. Is it time we put stricter controls on this? Or is it taking things too far?

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