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Back in January we asked readers of our blog what their career plans were for the year ahead. Not only is it a new year, it’s a new decade; and it’s a time when this question is even more vital than usual – if confidence in the jobs market is increasing after the long recession then that’s a very positive sign. And luckily it is!

57% of respondents said they had already started job hunting and another 29% said they were considering a move in the near future. Just 14% said that they were staying put for the time being and not one person said that they were staying in their current job because they had their eye on a promotion.

These results seem to mirror opinions reported in the press, and also in our European Hiring Trends report, that economic conditions are improving, confidence is returning and the jobs market is recovering slowly but steadily. It also shows that although more people are looking for new positions, the optimism when it comes to promotion and pay rises is still relatively low – or perhaps it’s that all the people that have wanted to move over the last year or two but sat tight are now all ready to move. Either way it’s good to know that the future is looking bright. If you’re looking for a new job with languages, get in touch with us at Euro London!


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