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Here at Euro London we applaud Kent’s mystery spelling superhero, dubbed ‘Grammar Man’ in a recent article. Ok, so he may have a loose grasp of capital letters but his campaign to correct the bad spelling and grammar of Kent’s graffiti is nothing less than admirable. On a similar theme, and following on from our blog Spelling Faux Pas, we wanted to bring you the funniest, silliest and most bizarre bad spellings that we could find.

Our main sources for misspellings were the many CVs sent into our offices everyday. Although candidates know that their applications are going to be scrutinised, spelling slip ups still manage to sneak their way in.

Here’s one way to make a bad impression – a candidate once boasted of ruining the sales department as opposed to running the sales department, proof that one letter can drastically change the meaning of a well-intentioned sentence. Another claimed celery reasons as the rather novel explanation for why she could not accept a job role –she must have had her weekly food shop on her mind. The list goes on, with one of the most common mistakes being costumer services instead of customer services. If an applicant is unable to spell their own job title, it is a definite way to set alarm bells ringing regarding their employability.

So here is some advice for when you’re sending off your next CV…

Firstly, please don’t rely on your phonetic understanding of language to determine its spelling – this can only lead to spelling disasters such as qcumber instead of cucumber and noledg instead of knowledge. Not only is it confusing to read but it can also undermine any claim made to fluency in English and good attention to detail.

Instead, use a reliable English dictionary to verify all spellings or grab a friend to proof read your written work. Often having someone to take a fresh look can uncover mistakes you may have overlooked. Sticking to these principles should help you avoid any spelling set backs and ensure your CV makes the best first impression.

Looking for a job opportunity that will utilise your language skills? Then visit our website www.eurolondon.com for all our vacancies.  Just remember to proof read that CV!


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Bad spelling – the cause of feverish frustration for some and immense hilarity for others. Whether it be on posters or menus, food labels or road signs; spelling mistakes can be found everywhere – just take a look at these examples found throughout the UK.

However, in a recent BBC article it was the impact of misspelling on internet businesses that took the focus. Charles Duncombe, the online entrepreneur, found that dodgy spelling had the power to reduce online sales by a massive 50% – wiping out both website credibility and customer trust.

With the need for international businesses to reach out to a global audience, a multilingual online presence has become increasingly necessary. This is in line with research that shows consumers spend more time on websites that are in their own native language.

However with the introduction of multilingual websites, the scope for mistranslation has also soared – pathing the way for inaccurate accents and grammatical gaffes. A rather amusing example highlighted in a recent article, saw Braniff Airlines offering Spanish customers the chance to ‘fly naked’ with their airline rather than on their leather seats!

In light of research conducted into the impact of misspelling on website sales, it is therefore more important than ever to recruit individuals that have an accurate grasp of the relevant foreign language to provide good quality translation. It again reinforces why languages are such a valuable commodity within a global business and why Euro London’s clients are constantly seeking multilingual candidates.

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